In our modern world, we seem to have lost the art of ritual, the honoring of certain major life passages and events as well as more frequent moments such as new and full moons. To truly honor events, such as births or the changing of seasons, is to mark them in a sacred way with blessings of intention and invoking of spirit. Our ancestors living more closely aligned with nature and its rhythms had rituals, both big and small, for many occurrences which kept life infused with a sense of the sacred. So when asked to attend a Blessingway for friends expecting a new baby, I sat down and wrote a prayer for honoring this grand event in their lives, adding support from nature and a dose of encouragement for the work that lies before them as they bring new life into this world.

May the strength of the wind and
the brightness of the sun,
the softness of the rain and
the mystery of the moon
Reach you and fill you.

May the lushness of the jungle and
the sparkle of the stars,
the warmth of the desert and
the cover of the clouds
Surround you and nourish you.

May the vastness of the ocean and
the reach of the trees,
the steadiness of the mountains and
the power of the plants
Sustain you and remind you of your greatness.

With the love between you and
the support around you
the light within you and
the life coming through you
May all your days be blessed and
your nights be restful so that
You may live to love and
Love, always.

Om Namah Shivaya

Mary Bolton