Private Yoga in San Miguel or Online

One-to-one: individual sessions are the best way to not only learn about yoga and how it works for your body and lifestyle but also to meet your unique needs, whether you are new to yoga or a long-time practitioner. My method of teaching is specific to the individual and designed for gradual, sustainable shifts across the levels of being - physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I offer guidance in asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation, and wellbeing. For the most benefit, I recommend a minimum of 3-5, 60 minute sessions or on-going (weekly or bi-weekly) appointments.

Small Groups: I also offer private yoga classes for 1-10 people for visitors and special occasions, at your location or in the studio, providing a tailored experience to complement your stay in San Miguel.

Online: We meet via Zoom ( video from anywhere in the world, a convenient and effective way to continue your practice on your time from wherever you are, with the capability of including up to 4 people in different locations.

For regularly scheduled classes in San Miguel: group classes

New / Returning to Yoga
We’ll go over the basics to give you a solid foundation and comfort level with the best type of practice for you, working with your unique body and abilities.
Injuries / Specific Needs
Working with injuries, joint replacements, pain, or specific physical needs, we’ll find modifications for you to practice safely, to recover, and/or work with limitations.
Individual Guidance
I’ll guide you through a practice that is most beneficial for you; with detailed and accesssible instruction on alignment, breath, meditation, and/or philosophy, in a comprehensive and individualized way.
Deepening Practice
We’ll work on specific areas in which you would like to develop, ie particular poses, goals, or type of practice, in a progressive and supportive way to transform your practice along your unique path.
Develop a Home Practice
We’ll develop a plan for you to successfully practice on your own at home. I’ll create a sequence for you as well as give support on how, when, where, and how often to practice, so that you get the most out of your personal time.
I provide guidance in beginning or deepening a meditation practice, with instruction on different techniques, finding a comfortable and sustainable sitting posture, working through stages and common obstacles, and incorporating a regular meditation practice into your life.
I’ll support you on your unique path toward greater vitality, clarity, and ease, with guidance in daily routines and habits utilizing various tools and techniques in a comprehensive and effective approach to create lasting change.

Private sessions can be scheduled for in-person in SMA (in the studio or at your location) or online through live two-way video.

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